DIY Tuesday: Lace Braided Pony

Today for DIY Tuesday, we’re bringing you a hairstyle how-to: the ever-popular lace braided ponytail, done for tweens. We really wanted to do a beauty tutorial when we saw this new tank from Sachi fave Flowers by Zoe.

BeYoutiful tank from Flowers by Zoe with back details, rhinestones and pearls

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DIY Tuesday: Coding!

Hey there, Sachi Girls! Today’s post brings you a fun link from Made with Code: the Accessorizer. Make your own wacky picture using the specialized coding tools. Here’s the funny picture we made:




Want more fun ways to accessorize? Come by Sachi to pick out your own selection of jewelry, scarves, bags and more! Take a wacky picture and share it under #SachiAccessorized – we can’t wait to see what you put together.

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